The IEA Affiliation Netherlands aims to stimulate Enneagram's professional development and promote Enneagram knowledge.

About the foundation

The IEA Affiliation Netherlands was established as a Foundation in 2017 to stimulate the professional development aimed at Enneagram in coaching, therapy, training and organizational development.

The IEA Netherlands Foundation is an Affiliation of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and operates within the rules set by IEA Global.

The IEA Netherlands Foundation promotes knowledge about Enneagram and will support everything that relates in the broadest sense to insight and knowledge development about Enneagram.

The board consists of:
Albert Kamphuis en Dennis van Kuijk.

The foundation seeks to achieve its goals by organizing activities such as:

  • Organizing theme meetings;
  • Organizing conferences;
  • Presenting to the outside world as an IEA Affiliation platform.

The IEA Netherlands Foundation Affiliation platform is a place to share knowledge and expertise as a non-commercial platform and offers the opportunity to be inspired and inspire. It offers the ability to connect. The platform is accessible to all interested in all Enneagram schools and techniques that work with Enneagram.

The foundation explicitly does not aim to make profit.

For the second time, the Foundation organizes the European Enneagram Conference from 7-9 june 2024.

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