As IEA Netherlands we welcome both renowned Enneagram speakers as well as lesser known Enneagram professionals. Read more about the speakers in the conference program or find more information about the speakers below.

More about the speakers: 

Monika Adelfang

Since 1997, Monika has been studying with Riso Hudson. In 2000, she started to work with teams and organizations in applying the Enneagram so that collectively, we embrace diversity, new possibilities & create sustainable solutions for ‘today’. She is a partner of the Enneagram Institute South Africa.

Melanie Bell

Melanie Bell is an Enneagram Institute Certified and Authorized Teacher and coauthor of The Modern Enneagram.

Heather Brown

Heather has run numerous Enneagram workshops, both separately and together with Rosemary Cowan.

Beatrice Chestnut

Beatrice Chestnut has been studying the Enneagram system of personality types for twenty five years. She completed her teaching certification on the subject in 1997 and has since studied to understand how to integrate the Enneagram into business and leadership.

Rosemary Cowan

Both Rosemary and Heather are core faculty teachers for the Enneagram Europe Foundation Programme. And Rosemary runs the London Enneagram Centre.

Tom Condon

In this session Tom will present a model of change applied to theEnneagram that will help you discover new worlds of experience, and deeper understanding.

Marion Gilbert

Marion Gilbert emphasizes understanding the role of the somatic lens of perception in facilitation of personal and spiritual transformation in the Enneagram. Her specific interest is in developing somatic experience to serve integration of three-centered awareness in relationship to contemplation and awakening.

Russ Hudson

Russ Hudson is co-founder of The Enneagram Institute, and is one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today.

Susie Herrick

Susie Herrick is a licensed psychotherapist, author of Aphrodite Emerges and co-author with Elle Luna of Your Story is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice.

Andrea Isaacs

Andrea Isaacs, an internationally known Enneagram teacher, speaker, coach and trainer, has empowered the lives of thousands in 25 countries since 1994.

Albert Kamphuis

Albert Kamphuis is the Chairman of the 2018 European Enneagram Conference in Amsterdam, author of the book 'Egowise leadership & the nine creating forces of the innovationcircle' and presenting together with Monika Adelfang 'Enneagram and True Self as a Living System'. 

Michael Naylor

Michael Naylor teaches in the USA and abroad with corporations and groups, utilizing the Enneagram in Personal Transformation.

Casper Oelofsen

Casper is an international presenter on how to “Thrive in Complexity by applying the wisdom of The Enneagram and Mindfulness based interventions”.

Uranio Paes

Uranio Paes is an internationally recognised Enneagram teacher. He has 25 years of experience in consulting, training and human and organizational development for dozens of Brazilian and multinational companies in Brazil and in other Latin American countries.

Susanne Povelsen

Susanne Povelsen has 20 years of experience with personal development work. She is a certified coach, psychotherapist, Enneagram trainer, NLP-master, PREP-teacher, and Couple Check-up Facilitator.

Lynda Roberts

Lynda Roberts designs and facilitates Enneagram workshops and programs, including self-awareness and authentic leadership programs for businesses and organizations.

Melanie Raimundo

She is a partner of Relationship Capital, a corporate consulting organization and is also training to be a professional opera singer.

Lynn Roulo

Lynn Roulo is an Enneagram instructor and author of the book "Headstart for Happiness: A Guide Book Combining Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram."

Judith Searle

Judith Searle offers workshops that teach the Enneagram through film and literary examples.

Viviana Trucco

Viviana leads personal and group growth workshops and has presented at IEA Conferences in USA, Europe and Latin America. She is currently IEA Argentina president.

Penny Whillans

Dr. Penny Whillans combines her knowledge of the psyche and of the Enneagram to the applied everyday wholeness of our experiences, and of our True Nature.

Cynthia Zhai

Cynthia is a Voice Coach, Speaker and Author. She has been a professional coach and speaker for the past 15 years and her engagement spans USA, Europe, Asia Pacific.