Visiting Amsterdam

Planning your trip to Amsterdam for the 2018 European Enneagram Conference? We would like to help you get on your way. 

Traveling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easy to access. If you want to fly into Amsterdam, most likely you will land at Schiphol Airport. Schiphol Airport is a few miles away from the city centre of Amsterdam. After you land, you only have to take the train and after 10 minutes you arrive in the centre of Amsterdam.

Not travelling inter-continental and coming from another European country? You could also take a flight to a smaller airport. For example The Hague airport (30 min from Amsterdam), Eindhoven Airport (1,5 hours from Amsterdam) or Weeze (Germany, 2 hours from Amsterdam).

You can also reach Amsterdam by boat, train or bus. More information about these transport methods can be found on the I AMsterdam website

Travel to Amsterdam

Where to sleep in Amsterdam, close to the Venue

The 2018 European Enneagram Conference is held in The College Hotel, in the heart of Amsterdam. The College Hotel is a relatively small four-star hotel with just forty rooms and suites. Rooms cost about €225 euro's per night. 

The College Hotel in Google Maps  Website of The College Hotel

There are plenty other, less costly hotels, near The College Hotel. Amsterdam is rather a small city, so basically all hotels and Airbnb's are close to the venue. From your hotel you can take tram 5, 12 and 3 to the Roelof Hartplein. And to be honest, with a bicycle everything is close.

If you are looking for a place to stay close to the venue, try to book a hotel close to the Museumsquare (called Museumplein or Museumkwartier in Dutch). The Concertbuilding, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are all withing walking distance.

Airbnb's close to the Venue    Hotels and hostels close to the venue

Getting around in Amsterdam