Post Conference workshop

Post Conference Workshop “Egowise Humanity” June 10-11, 2024

Monika Adelfang and Albert Kamphuis will guide you into the world of ‘’Courageous Humanity’’, their new book to be released. It is their Field Guide based on their work with the Enneagram over the past fifteen years.

The workshop invites participants to explore how they themselves can contribute (Stepping Forward and Beyond) in collaboration with others to make a difference.

During the experiential workshop, we will explore various aspects of Enneagram-related teachings and how they relate, among other things, developed by Albert, known as the InnovationCircle© . Albert started its development in 2002 and published his first book on the InnovationCircle in 2018, with a revised version in English in 2011. The Enneagram-based InnovationCircle is a dynamic representation of our society as a Living System.

This inquiry invites participants to explore how people do and can make a difference.We also want to invite participants in building a community that wants to join us in this work.

Whether it's a personal, organizational, or societal challenge, we practically tackle the steps that empower "ordinary people as heroes" to use their own strength and talents. We invite you to get acquainted with this humanity-oriented transformative approach, to deal better and differently with personal and complex issues.

During this two-day workshop we will look at the many applications and how the intelligence of the three Centres and the nine types are necessary to facilitate momentum and transformative change. We will also unpack how all nine facets of our Humanity are needed and can be called upon when responding to different situational needs.

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a long-standing Enneagram enthusiast and/or professional, we invite you to find your way with how the Courageous Humanity approach can be incorporated into your Inner Work practice and in your work life.


Monday June 10: 09.00-17.00 h

Tuesday June 11: 09.30–16.00 h

Maximum number of participants 15. At december 19, 2023 we already have 7 participants.

The workshop price for Conference participants 175,00 Euro. Lunch not included.

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The location is close to the Amsterdam Central railway station.

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