Theme of the 2018 European Enneagram Conference

During the IEA Enneagram Conference we will together dig into The wisdom of your true self as the central theme of the conference.

The wisdom of your true self

Finding your true self sounds like an adventurous scavenger hunt. However, one mustn't search to find. Becoming who you are is a quiet, transformative process. It requires observation, allowing reality and forgiveness. It requires peeling away prickly layers that so lovingly protect and defend you.

Because these prickly layers that shelter you also constrain you. With the blinds down, the sun cannot shine through either. It’s the paradox of securing growth. You start to peel away a layer and observe the world around you. Is it really still as hostile as you perceived it to be?

You gain confidence, slowly peeling away layer after layer. You stumble upon new experiences and carefully observe your heart, head and gut. And you finally find the first glimpse of yourself.

You finally understand A.H. Almaas when he writes: “The work of individual spiritual development is usually seen to be that of experiencing our true nature, becoming our true nature, and living and acting as our true nature.”

You are a precious little gem. Powerful. Ready to add goodness, love and light to this world. Clearly seeing ways how your talents may add to the world and how you can accomplish more when cooperating with others from a place of inner wisdom.

Getting to know yourself better is the greatest adventure in life. And this adventure already found you. Do you accept the invitation?

I accept the invitation