Theme of the 2024 European Enneagram Conference

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During the IEA Enneagram Conference we will together dig into Stepping Forward and Beyond as the central theme of the conference.

Finding your true self sounds like an adventurous scavenger hunt. However, one mustn't search to find. Becoming who you are is a quiet, transformative process. It requires observation, allowing reality and forgiveness. It requires peeling away prickly layers that so lovingly protect and defend you.

You gained confidence, slowly peeling away layer after layer. You stumble upon new experiences and carefully observe your heart, head, and gut. And you finally find the first glimpse of yourself.

You are a precious wonderful gem, powerful and ready to add goodness, love, and light to this world. Clearly seeing ways how your talents may add to the world and how you can accomplish more when cooperating with others from a place of inner wisdom.

It is time to Step Forward and Beyond.

Now, you are embarking on a journey to truly live, integrate, and apply these principles by summoning the courage to stay awake. But how exactly do you make soul searching practical? How can you experience it in your everyday life? How to handle your ‘’Field of Potentiality’’.

Let's help each other initiate a practice with awareness and determine our individual positions if we choose to continue on this path. Together, let's set a course for what we want to achieve and shape it in a way that we wholeheartedly believe in, declaring, "This is the way."

We must ignite soul activity and set it in motion, but how? Moreover, we should contemplate what we need to persevere on this journey. Finally, let us ask ourselves, "When does our next level begin?"

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