Workshop presenters 2024

We are pleased to welcome a selection of inspiring keynote speakers who will further explore and enhance the theme Stepping Forward and Beyond. Additionally, we offer engaging parallel workshops throughout the conference days, designed to actively engage participants and assist them in developing new insights and skills.

Below you will find an overview of our keynote speakers and workshop leaders, along with their respective topics:

Keynote speakers (Click on the names for further information)

Eloi    Eloi Youssef - Personal Story about Stepping Forward

BGore_Headshot 16-9    Belinda Gore - Staying Awake in Our Relationships

Julie-Harris-5019-web-2.square 16-9    Julie Harris - The Paradox of Movement into the Beyond

John 16-9    John Luckovich - The Pain of the "Blindspot" Instinct

Russ Hudson 169    Russ Hudson - Reflection on Stepping forward an Beyond

Workshop presenters (Click on the names for further information)

Barry Coltham 169    Barry Coltham & Eva Steira: Integration of all personality types

BGore_Headshot 16-9    Belinda Gore: Object Relations Tools for Staying Awake in Our Relationships

Cicci Lyckow    Cicci Lyckow Bäckman : Energetic Signatures — the Key to Turning Everyday Life into Psycho-Spiritual Practice

Diana Redmond 169    Diana Redmond : Essential Trust: From Control to Surrender

Flemming Christensen 169    Flemming Christensen : The Enneagram and why your blind type matters

Gitte Vestergaard 169    Gitty Vestergaard : How does your sibling relationships affect your instincts?

Helen English 169    Helen English : Mat-walks, Creativity and Your Enneagram 5-Point Star

ilse Arielle Matiss    Dr. Ilze Matiss : Create Your Own Enneagram Personal PlayBook: Empowering Yourself and Others through this Innovative Technique

Isabelle Peyrichoux    Isabelle Peyrichoux : Step Forward into Purpose: Unlocking Career & Leadership Potential through Enneagram and Myers-Briggs Integration

Joyce Stenstrom Monica Adelfang    Joyce Stenstrom and Mons Adelfang : Bringing the Enneagram to Real World Problems

Karl Hebenstreit    Karl Hebenstreit: Stepping Forward (into Organizations) and Beyond (to our Future Generations)

Khaled ElSherbini    Khaled ElSherbini: Enneagram in Action: Systems Thinking for Thriving in a Complex World

Lucille Greeff    Lucille Greeff : Inner and outer thresholds: Ceremony and ritual in Enneagram work

Mario Sikora Jose Munita    Mario Sikora and Maria Jose Munita: Team Dynamics, Organizational Culture, and the Instinctual Biases

Marion Gilbert    Marion Gilbert : Stepping Forward and Beyond the Human Condition of Self Forgetting

Dr. Mary Filice cropped    Dr. Mary PhD: Conscious Parenting: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection

Mettsine HAttesen en Jakob Horn    Mettstine Hattesen & Jakob Horn : Understanding your inner child

Natacha Ciezkowski   Natacha Ciezkowski : Pure Gold: Shine Bright by tapping into the Gold Veins of Triadic Wisdom

Natalia Bolshakova    Nataliia Bolshakova : Empowering Teenagers: Unveiling Their True Selves

Peter O'Hanrahan photo 16_9   Peter O’Hanrahan: The Embodied Enneagram

Rania Hussein Shatha Mahmoud    Rania Hussein & Shatha Mahmoud : A teacher's journey from type-based to truth-based teaching

Robert Hutchinson    Robert Hutchinson : Ma'a Kheru: Stepping into the Wisdom of Your True Voice

Seok Hian    Seok Hian : Making Team Dynamics Visible: Facilitating Team Conversations That Matter

Susanne Povelsen    Susanne Povelsen : Steps to Liberate Your Type

Tammy Hendrix    Tammy Hendrix : You Are More Than A Type: Embracing Wholeness with the Enneagram of Essence

Therese Ryan    Therese Ryan : Sensing beyond Patterns