Casper Oelofsen

Casper in 100 words

Casper is an international presenter on how to “Thrive in Complexity by applying the wisdom of The Enneagram and Mindfulness based interventions”. “Casper's facilitation was exceptional, engaging, and connected the content in real and meaningful ways.”

Mindfulness Tips for each Enneagram Type - Soul Connecting

Performance, awareness, and quality thinking happens in the present moment, in the “now”. However, we are constantly distracted from the now into the future, past and other common external stressors. In the midst of such consistent disorder and disarray, the normal human reaction is to feel anxious, insecure and being out of control. The human instinct is to fight “it”, to overcome the disturbance or flee “it”, to hide from what disturbs. This instinct is propelled by powerful physiological processes where adrenaline and cortisol drive fighting, fleeing or freezing, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. It’s our new normal. We need new skills, attitudes and ways of relating to change and uncertainty. An ability and capacity to be grounded, steadfast and present regardless of the constant reshaping of the context. The presentation draws on personal experience, teaching mindfulness based applications to executives in the corporate environment. The aim of the presentation is to give participants insights on how to assist their clients to be more mindful (in the moment). This session explores the “how to practice mindfulness” for different Enneagram types. Types have different hurdles, unique built in momentum and specific wins when they practice Mindfulness.