Melanie Raimundo

Melanie in 100 words

Melanie holds a Diploma in Counselling, Facilitator and Accredited Play of Life Coach and Enneagram.rc, personal, family and corporate coach. She is a partner of Relationship Capital, a corporate consulting organization and is also training to be a professional opera singer.

Enneagram & the Play of Life® - Finding my True Self through Knowing & Accepting my False Self - Soul Searching

In this workshop, participants will learn an immediately applicable technique aimed at deepening the reflective power of the Enneagram by using a 3-dimensional method called the Play of Life® to activate untapped parts of the brain. This process enhances insight and consciousness on our False Self by bypassing cognitive biases and defence mechanisms, and enabling visualisation of our desired True Self. The Play of Life® allows theTrue and False Self to literally be depicted in front of us, using small figures on a stage. With this insight, the seeker discovers the First Step towards nurturing and enjoying their aspired True self. The Play of Life® method is founded on contemporary neuroscience integrated to the Enneagram and other self reflective and communicational models including, Psychodrama, Logotherapy and Spirituality. These techniques will give Enneagram beginners, enthusiasts and professionals a novel and creative way to guide “searchers” to an even deeper level of consciousness. It’s a gentle tool that starts the journey of self-discovery for those who “avoid, are fearful or don’t know how to” face their False Self, their shadow, their fears. The method has direct applications to Enneagram practice, teaching, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy spirituality, and corporate individual and team coaching.