Michael Naylor

Michael in 100 words

Michael Naylor is an IEA Professional Teacher, Riso-Hudson Authorized teacher, CTI Transformation Coach, and Addiction Therapist. He teaches in the USA and abroad with corporations and groups, utilizing the Enneagram in Personal Transformation focused on the Inner Critic, Addiction Recovery (at rehabs), Relationships--aimed at ending unconscious patterns of suffering.

Opening to Your True Self: Getting Your Inner Critic Out of the Way - Soul Searching

We all have an inner critic operating in clandestine ways to keep us locked in patterns of personality that prevent us from opening to our True Nature. In this session, we will work with our inner critic using a Law-of-Three-based model that can help us lessen our inner critic blockages. By seeing and understanding the dynamics that occur between two aspects of ourselves, our inner judge and our criticized child, we discover that we naturally open to the third aspect of ourselves, our inner adult, our True Self. Using the Law-of-Three-based model, exercises, and discussion, we will each explore our own unique inner critic dynamics as well as explore with others Enneagram type-specific dynamics. Shining the light of awareness on inner critic dynamics that take place within us is a powerful and effective method for breaking down the barriers that our inner critic patterns create, thus allowing us to open to the wisdom of our True Self.