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Monika Adelfang has been journeying with Enneagram wisdom and its various applications since 1997. Monika is certified with Riso Hudson and a principal developer of the Nine Domains Approach. Monika works with Joyce Strenstrom in Southern Africa and the USA. Currently she applies the Enneagram as a system of universal principles to host dialogue and facilitate the resolution of complex issues with organisational communities. Since 2012, Albert Kamphuis and Monika have become writing partners aiming to publish an Enneagram based field guide for individuals, groups and organisations.

The Ordinary Hero within the Living System - Soul Connecting

It is often said that ‘the wisdom of the Enneagram finds you and meets you where you are at.’ As you grow with it, it keeps evolving and meeting you again and again. Playfully and in contemplative ways participants are invited to experience the Enneagram as a dynamic holding environment of universal principles, processes and natural phenomena.

Life’s circumstances have helped us grow into adulthood and live our lives but it has also blindfolded us in becoming very selective in our response to reality. Our ego and personality took many years to develop and hard wire itself in our physiology, thinking and feeling patterns.  We see the ego as our adaptive self that has looked after us to protect us. We call it unconditional love that has taken care of us.

We know, deep down, that we are all connected and that reality is waiting to support us when our TRUE SELF comes forward. As we begin to recognize our True Self, we begin to experience how interrelated our inner work is with our capacity to respond to the realities of life. We call this the Living System.

Becoming aware of the living system can begin with the Ordinary Hero’s practice of ‘allowing’. This develops as an open receptivity.
We wish to support your capacity for ‘allowing’ with a particular exercise we call the Ego-Essence Negotiation. This exercise can support you personally and in your work with others. This helps you develop what we call ‘egowise’ behaviour.

By doing this workshop we also briefly introduce content from our Enneagram related book ‘The Courageous Humanity Field Guide ’in progress.

The session setup includes:

  • A definition of the Living System and Egowise behaviour
  • The Circle of Being within the Living System
  • The Ego-Essence Negotiation exercise in plenary format
  • An introduction to our Enneagram based Field Guide for individuals, groups and organizational communities

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