Penny Whillans

Penny in 100 words

Dr. Penny Whillans is the Director of the Canadian Institute for Enneagram Studies and a long-standing practicing Psychologist working with individuals experiencing ‘body-changes’ and horrific circumstances. She combines her knowledge of the psyche and of the Enneagram to the applied everyday wholeness of our experiences, and of our True Nature.

Experiencing Pain, Suffering, Fear & Immobility and Our ‘True’ Self - Soul Searching

This workshop introduces the practice of three-centred awareness plus One-Pointed awareness, developed in my capacity as a psychologist, working with people who are suffering pain, horror, fear and who experience themselves as being ‘stuck,’ or trapped. This practice allows for awareness of Being to arise and guide us beyond the fixations of personality and the driving forces of our instincts. It provides space for the guiding wisdom of our three centres of intelligence and support of our ‘True Self’ within the pain and suffering of being human. An Enneagram-related theory of pain, suffering and resistance will be reviewed in terms of the Enneagram as a map. Participants will be asked, in confidence, to identify and briefly explore a current personal experience of pain, fear, suffering, or a ‘stuck place.’ They will be led through a cumulative exercise to experience the intelligence/ wisdom of their three centres plus “One-Pointed” awareness. An experiential review will follow accompanied with a re-exploration of their identified pain, fear or resistances. Discussion follows. (This workshop is targeted for Enneagram professionals and those working in therapy, counseling and coaching.)