Ismay Ko

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Stepping forward and beyond is an invitation to progress, growth, and the exploration of the unknown. This mantra embraces active engagement in the present moment while encouraging you to take steps toward your goals and development. Let yourself be guided by the balance between the comforting now and the boundless possibilities of 'beyond.'

In this adventure of life, love, uniqueness, letting go, and forgiving are the companions that color your journey. Love serves as the driving force, letting go as the art of liberation, and forgiving as the healing balm. Each conscious choice leads to a life full of adventure, continuous growth, and the infinite dance with love, letting go, and forgiving.

I cherish my essence, my way of expressing it, even if not everyone can understand me. I learn from all beings, all the time. I honor the divinity in me and you. 

Ismay Ko (8w7)