Diana Redmond

Diana Redmond

Our great task is to stay centered within our being so as to re-imagine what is possible as we engage in life's dynamic unfolding.

Essential Trust: From Control to Surrender

This is an extraordinary time to be alive, one in which we are called to bring our full selves forward in service of humanity.  Deep within our soul is a calling to live our innate potential and contribute to the world in a way that uplifts humanity. This is the capacity of engaged presence. 

We will use the Enneagram and EnneaCrossings™ as a way to illuminate our potential for engaged presence and specifically our relationship with trust.  EnneaCrossings™ reveals four essential portals that expand our capacity to function at a higher level within our Enneagram Type.

 In this interactive and engaging session we will explore the essential portal of trust: the capacity to trust life’s continual dynamic unfolding knowing there is a greater intelligence at work. A fundamental trust that there is a safety net below us as we leap into unknown territory, boldly following our inner guidance and the calling of our deep heart.

 Paradoxically, as we let go of control, we have more agency, capacity and confidence to take steps toward what matters most.

 Join us for a deep dive into trust!

 Diana: Experiential Learning Director at Deep Living Lab, incorporates the Enneagram and EnneaCrossings™ in a variety of transformative offerings. She is certified through the International Coach Federation, mentors coaches, and derives much satisfaction in helping people live into their essential gifts in their personal and professional lives.