Dr. Ilze Matiss

ilse Arielle Matiss

It begins with you taking one step. Together we help each other, and lift ourselves and all of Consciousness.

Create Your Own Enneagram Personal PlayBook: Empowering Yourself and Others through this Innovative Technique

Dr. Ilze's Enneagram PlayBook is an innovative application that has evolved through my work as a psychologist with individual clients over the last 13 years. It is a way of identifying what is important for you, so that you can feel clearer and more grounded in this knowing, trust your next steps, and communicate this to others in a thoughtful and pro-active way. This process helps an individual create a personal map for every step of their journey.

During the workshop, there will be resources and exercises to guide you. We will explore different examples and ideas about how and where to make use of this strategy in your life, and how it might be helpful in your work with others.

We learn so much from each other and this is one of the beautiful benefits of being part of the Enneagram community. In this workshop there will be small group experiences where you will begin to develop your own PlayBook, while collaborating, playing, and inspiring each other, as well as providing insights to others from your unique perspectives.

Ilze: helps clients access Higher Consciousness so they have more Trust in the Flow of Life, Work, and Relationships. She is a registered psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Canada. The developer of Dr. Ilze's Enneagram PlayBook, she integrates Enneagram wisdom and holistic perspectives in her counselling work.