Flemming Christensen

Flemming Christensen

When we take a step forward, we will always leave something behind. Leaving something behind with presence and awareness might pull us beyond and towards our calling and truer self.

The Enneagram and why your blind type matters

Unleash the hidden human capacities, deeper psychological competencies, and powers of your blind Enneagram type. When you discover the hidden capacities, competencies, and power of your blind Enneagram type, you will stop spinning around your primary type and integrate the wholeness of the Enneagram. When you integrate the hidden capacities in your blind type, you get access to skills needed when working with your sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Using all types of the Enneagram, you will engage in a complete approach to personal growth and development that unite and ignite personal growth and development for you and the people around you. In the presentation you will learn how:

• Understand how you can unite the wisdom of your primary Enneagram Type with your sense of purpose of your blind Enneagram Type.

• Integrate all Enneagram Types in your work and stop spinning around your primary type.

• Learn how all three centers are expressed in all nine Enneagram Types and how that can be new keys for your work.

• Understand why your blind Enneagram Type is not your “blind spot” or “shadow” of your primary Enneagram type, but a precise and nuanced way of understanding your primary Enneagram Type.

Flemming: presenter, author and founder of THINK ABOUT IT and the Enneagram Institute of Denmark - is widely recognized as having made the Enneagram part of everyday life in Denmark, especially within business and the professional Enneagram community. He combines powerful wisdom traditions insights with modern practices for building new skills.