Gitte Vestergaard

Gitte Vestergaard

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 How does your sibling relationships affect your instincts?

In this workshop, you will get a better understanding about our personality and the boundaries in  human development, which can relate to our instinct and siblings stack. Based on my research for the last 2 years, I give a presentation on a deeper understanding about the connection between the instincts and our siblings stack. A knowledge every enneagram teacher, coaches, consultants, therapists and practitioners could have a huge benefit from.

Are you new into the dynamics of the instinct this workshop will be mind blowing. If you already have experience with the instincts, this workshop will give you a deeper understanding on how to use the dynamics between Instinct and your social heritage and do it even more practical. How can we master a breakthrough and step forward.

After the presentation you’ll be divided into groups. Here you have the opportunity to work with the theme centered around a reflective question:

1. Roles and Positions in the Sibling Hierarchy: Explain how each sibling's role and position in the hierarchy can affect the development of their instincts.

Subsequently, these reflections will be gathered in a plenary session. Together we will explore and share observations from the different groups in a debate.

About Gitte: Enneagram Practitioner, Consultant in mental & natural health, Researcher of the instincts. Expert in human development and self-awareness. Podcaster. Affiliated ambassador for THINK ABOUT IT in Denmark and owner and director at Naturfundamentet. Former Forest and Nature Technician.