Helen English

Helen English

Such a passionate and inspired Conference Theme! Fascinating juxtaposition of inner work, consciousness and tangible, outward action. Our world so badly needs it!

Mat-walks, Creativity and Your Enneagram 5-Point Star

We each have a 5-point star on the Enneagram in a particular constellation. [Core type x 1, wings x 2, arrows x2 = 5 points in total]. These 5 points that hold our vital energy and capabilities yet perhaps imbalanced, with some points dormant while others dominate. Surely, it pays to appreciate and use this inner resource?

Join me to discover more about your own 5-point star, with curiosity, compassion and a playful note.  To begin, a brief presentation on a Taoist orientation to Enneagram work and presence, including energy flow and movement within the symbol. 

We’ll move quickly on to mat-walks, working in Circle format around a powerful Enneagram mat.  One or two people will work individually on the mat, able to feel into and experience their own 5-point constellation. Together, we’ll see how mat-work illumines our essential qualities and capabilities, builds courage and confidence.

A creative artwork activity (no artistic skill required!) follows, to bring your 5-point star to life in a very different way.  This often brings surprising insights!  Pair work will help ground our learning. 

We’ll explore how best to use these methods in our practice and with clients if applicable. A workshop to help nurture personal resilience, power and efficacy in all we do: in Stepping Forward and Moving Beyond

Helen: A Certified Integral Coach, group facilitator and OD consultant with 20+ years Enneagram experience. I love my work, which has always centred on people development, change and transformation, including Enneagram-based leadership team coaching.  A Taoist shamanic practice, tai chi and systemic constellations shape my whole-person, spirit-centered and experiential approach.