John Luckovich


Keynote: The Pain of the "Blindspot" Instinct

The psychological cost of giving inadequate attention to our blindspot instinct extracts an enormous toll on our lives, one that we often feel deeply but can barely recognize the source of nor how to actually work with. The impact and full scope of what the blindspot instinct represents hasn't been adequately unpacked and understood in Enneagram work. The blindspot instinct is really the fulcrum of the personality - our instinctual fears are what underlie our type's Passion - and because we are "blind" to it, we really underestimate how the blindspot impacts us (and, because of how unconscious the instincts are and how poor a lot of the definitions out there are, a lot of people are wrong about their blindspot instinct). Despite how negative that may be, this topic fits with the theme in that to move forward in our authenticity, to actually "find the way", we need to be really clear with ourselves about what our obstacles are, what our struggles are, to have a true "accounting" of and ownership of ourselves.

John Luckovich

John Luckovich is a visual artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He has studied the Enneagram for over a decade. He has a deep involvement in the Fourth Way, an interest in the Egyptian roots of Western spirituality, and six years of training in Integrative Breathwork. Since 2018, John has been working directly with clients to deepen their understanding and work with the Enneagram and offering guidance on inner work. He is the author of the book The Instinctual Drives and the Enneagram, the co-host of The Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast, and the co-founder of both The Enneagram School and New York Enneagram. John offers Enneagram coaching, leads workshops, retreats, and Inner Work-based pilgrimages to Egypt.