Karl Hebenstreit

Karl Hebenstreit

How can we make a profound and lasting impact in the world using the Enneagram as a catalyst of knowledge, empathy, understanding, openness, and integration.  How can we do that through organizations and school systems?

Stepping Forward (into Organizations) and Beyond (to our Future Generations)

How can you introduce the Enneagram model in the most simple, practical, easy-to-understand way and make it sticky/memorable?  What if there was a way to make this happen in less than 20 minutes?  And how can we make the Enneagram accessible and understandable to our future generations as early on as possible, so that they benefit from and integrate the model’s insights and optimize their emotional intelligence?

This highly-interactive workshop will explore these musings, provide two concrete ways to achieve them, and draw from participants’ own experiences and best practices to enhance the way we introduce the Enneagram into organizations, to our clients, and to our children.

Karl is an Executive Coach, Leadership/Team/Organization Development Consultant, and international speaker with 25+ years of experience coaching leaders and their teams to work better together and consistently exceed their organizations’ goals.  He holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and has authored two books: “The How & Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram” (now in its 3rd Edition!) and “Nina and the Really, Really Tough Decision” (now available in English, Spanish, and Greek!).