Mario Sikora and Maria Jose Munita

Mario Sikora Jose Munita

We can only go beyond when we understand what is within; we can't step forward if we are not aware of the place from which we start.

Team Dynamics, Organizational Culture, and the Instinctual Biases

The three instinctual biases—Preserving, Navigating, and Transmitting—shape the expression of the Ennea-type strategies to create three subtypes. But they stand alone as a system of values or priorities that also influence team dynamics and shape organizational culture. In fact, as powerful as the Enneagram is, we have found that the instinctual biases can have an even larger impact on organizational dynamics and understanding them in this light is the “secret sauce” for being effective when using the Enneagram in organizations.

In fact, we find that it is through the exploration of the instinctual biases and how they shape our values, our relationships, and our professional lives that true transformation can occur on an individual or communal level.

Mario and Maria Jose will give an overview of the ATA approach to the instinctual biases and share their experience working with the instinctual biases to help their clients create change at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Mario and Maria Jose are both former presidents of the IEA, IEA Accredited with Distinction Professionals, and founders of Awareness to Action International with a combined 40 years of experience using the Enneagram in organizations. ATAI provides consulting services and certification programs for Enneagram professionals.