Marion Gilbert

Marion Gilbert

In order to step forward and beyond we need to be conscious and open to what we are created to be.

 Stepping Forward and Beyond the Human Condition of Self Forgetting

As we find ourselves at our own doorstep and are invited to step forward over the threshold into a greater view and understanding of our reality, we realize that this invitation is always beckoning us and at the same time creating a sense of inner resistance to change.

In this presentation we are inviting you to stand at this threshold and sense, feel, and understand what it is that prevents to step forward over the threshold and look beyond the reality you have known. By going to the root of the arising of the conditioned split between two opposing aspects of reality in 9 different patterns we can learn to embrace and include the part we are defended against and don't want to feel.

We will explore this experientially through movement from the inside out. You will have the opportunity to consciously touch these deeply held places of contractions inside of your body and learn to allow them to be expressed and released so your essence can shine through.

Marion has been practicing physical therapy since 1978 and is the owner of a well-established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, CA. She has extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release and Trauma Resolution.

She has been actively using the Enneagram professionally and personally since 2003. She emphasizes understanding the role of the somatic lens of perception in facilitation of personal and spiritual transformation with the Enneagram. Her specific interest is in developing somatic awareness for reconciling three-centered awareness providing a platfrom for meditation, contemplation and awakening. Practices.

She has developed the Somatic Enneagram Certification Training and is teaching locally, nationally and internationally.  She is an Adjunct Faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram and an Advisory Board member of the Enneagram Prison Project.