Mettstine Hattesen & Jakob Horn

Mettsine HAttesen en Jakob Horn

Stepping Forward and Beyond is a necessary  part of a peronal developement that calls for you when the timing is right and you are ready.

Mettstine Hattesen and Jakob Horn

Understanding your inner child

When we are asked: How was your childhood? many of us will answer: "I had a wonderful childhood", as the ego likes to think everything was and is ok.

In this session “Understanding your inner child” we focus on how we develop in the childhood in relation to our caregivers and the ego structures in play.

We put light on how the ego of the child-types, in the upbringing with their caregivers, paradoxically get pushed out of balance in 9 different ways and thereby reinforce the power of the ego. In that manner our childhood experiences leave a footprint of coping mechanisms, that to a certain extend takes control in our adult life.

We will take a journey back and explore how the strategies of the ego coped with the reality that surrounded us and what that did to us, because understanding the influence and the inevitable experiences, makes us able to look as adult at our dysfunctional patterns more realistically and with tenderness.

Self-insight regarding our interpretation of our experiences, our ego-structures and the oversensitivity that is part of us are crucial bricks for our ability to bring tenderness and warmth into the relationship to our self, and without it, self-development is not possible.

Mettstine og Jakob have been working passionately for the past 10 years to understand the ego strategy of children through the lenses of the Enneagram. During that work it became obvious how we as adults continue the ego strategies, we ones survived with if we were not met and seen as the child we were.

We invite the participants to share what comes up as we put light on the childhood memories and atmosphere. Meeting the inner child with kindness, compassion and respect is a powerful way to use the hidden wisdom of the childhood for all Enneagram types and certainly a gentle way to look at myself today as an adult and find a true and kind interpretation of who I am.

Jakob Horn is a pedagogue and has worked with children from 0-6 the past 25 years. Through his personal experience he has developed an Enneagram method of how to work with children and see them as they are understanding them profoundly in their ego structure and level of balance. This method helps adults to understand the behavior of children and provide tools and insights that support the pedagogical work and the parenting of children. Besides this training program Jakob is currently working on a book about the The Enneagram and Children.

Mettstine Hattesen is an IEA certified Enneagram instructor and coach. She has a background in Human Resources in the private sector and train leaders in management and personality types. She teaches Enneagram classes and is specialized in Coaching whit the Enneagram and Stress and the Enneagram types.