Natacha Ciezkowski

Natacha Ciezkowski

Creating awareness around the tiniest glimpse of Gold will already help us remember the Pure Gold that is available in any given moment.

Pure Gold: Shine Bright by tapping into the Gold Veins of Triadic Wisdom.

Your natural, highest potential is Pure Gold: it has value beyond our understanding. Bringing even a glimpse of that in your daily life, makes a world of difference. For you, the people around you and humanity.

In the reality of our daily lives, however, we tend to experience very little Pure Gold. We often keep stuck in our default polarity based acting, feeling and thinking preferences, carefully hard wired into our brains. These personality styles or Enneagram patterns serve a wonderful purpose, and at the same time they prevent us from tapping into the Gold Veins of Triadic Wisdom -the full force of Possibility in the moment.

TriadicCoaching© is a practical tool, a ‘golden formula’ based on the Law of Three, that guides you in understanding and going beyond your default polarity based preferences by exploring the missing third perspective. Overcoming this ‘Third Force blindness’ creates the conditions for a new dimension to emerge: a solution, breakthrough or possibility you could not have imagined and yet is so logical and simple.

Join us for an experiential session: bring your challenge and unlock the Pure Gold that is already waiting to emerge.

Natacha is an Enneagram Evangelist. As a teacher, trainer and a coach, she always finds guidance in the wisdom of the Enneagram and spreads that inspiration and wisdom to (Enneagram) coaches, leaders, teams and seekers all over the world. She also welcomes Dutch Enneagram Coaches in her free Community of Practice (