Rania Hussein & Shatha Mahmoud

Rania Hussein Shatha Mahmoud

Getting out of your own shadow and into your real potential.

A teacher's journey from type-based to truth-based teaching

Building on our own accumulated life/work experience (more than 15 years) as teachers/trainers we will start by examining our understanding of who is to be called a teacher and what being a teacher entails. i.e., the essence of it. Next, we will work out a broader perspective of the term “teacher”.

Quick Overview. Our previous work included a bigger focus on the blind spots of each Ennea-type within its teaching style and how they can be avoided to establish a more balanced teaching approach. On the ground, work with teachers/educators was as an eyeopener to them in seeing their own bias in their everyday teaching. Several gathered surveys/interviews & testimonials helped in unfolding the magnitude of type impact on the teaching styles.

Shifting the focus. This work is an invitation for the integration of our different parts, thereby exhibiting a more whole & balanced teaching approach. One that offers a more inclusive and expansive learning environment. Learning to shift the focus of attention from one’s own type/intelligence center to the “other” and tuning in to their needs/preferences/learning styles/potentials/challenges and capacities helps in laying the path for a more impactful human based relation

The path within the path. Each point has a compass leading its way to being impactful “teachers”. Together we will explore the 9 different paths by sharing our own gathered observations, learnings, insights, and real-life experiences.

We then Shift our focus inwards, where we get to ponder upon our “teacher state”.

Rania co-founded "WESAL," an organization that guides & empowers its clients throughout their life journey. She combines Enneagram, and coaching techniques  to enhance people's  awareness. She also co-created a special Enneagram program for schools. Rania believes in the power of elevated consciousness as a path of connecting to one another

Shatha co-founded "WESAL," an organization that helps clients navigate their life journey. She combines Enneagram, NLP, Reiki, and coaching techniques to equip people with tools to enhance their awareness and develop mindfulness. Shatha aims to encourage personal growth and raise awareness among individuals.