Robert Hutchinson

Robert Hutchinson

We discover that our true voice reveals a more confident and connected way of being.

Ma'a Kheru: Stepping into the Wisdom of Your True Voice

Step back in time to explore the ancient Egyptian concept of 'Ma'a Kheru', or 'True of Voice' and then step forward into understanding and embodying the potential of your own true voice.

Through a blend of discussions and self-reflection, this interactive workshop will explore the true voice of the three Enneagram centers and the nine types. We will explore how the nine Enneagram types each express their unique version of Ma'a Kheru.

You'll uncover the nature of your own true voice, the truths your inner wisdom wants to call forth into your life, and how to bring this forward into authentic self-expression. This exploration is not just about finding your true voice but understanding the deeper truths calling you towards an authentic life of purpose and conviction.

At the end of the session you will step forward into the world with a more authentic and articulate presence, grounded in the wisdom of Ma'a Kheru and the Enneagram.

Robert guides clients in finding their authentic voice as a key stepping stone to success in leadership, career and life. Founder of the Authentic Life Company he blends Enneagram coaching with insights from world wisdom traditions including the philosophy and spiritual science of ancient Egypt.