Seok Hian

Seok Hian

Helping teams to step forward and beyond their tendencies can help to unlock team performance and effectiveness.

Making Team Dynamics Visible: Facilitating Team Conversations That Matter

What is Team Dynamic? It is often the “invisible force” that enables or deters the team’s performance and effectiveness. With Enneagram team profiles, we are now able to make the “invisible” visible – bringing up the conscious and unconscious patterns and tendencies of the team based on the team members’ Enneagram profiles.

We can now see how the team tends to operate in terms of 1) problem-solving; 2) making decisions; 3) communicating & interacting; and 4) driving for results.

Experiential activity, Case study, tips: the purpose of this activity is to let participants understand that team dynamics happen everywhere and are natural in human interactions.

This often intrigues the awareness and curiosity of team members, therefore allowing meaningful, deep team conversations to happen and build team understanding that allows them to step forward and beyond. When we use team profile comparison across teams, it accelerates the collaboration and understanding of teams and makes any change more effective.

Seok is the co-developer of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) profiling tool with Mind Transformations and has been practicing Enneagram in training and coaching for the last 15 years with leaders and corporate teams. She is also the founder of IKIGAI Consulting Services, helping start-ups to scale their leadership.