Susanne Povelsen

Susanne Povelsen

Stepping forward and beyond often requires a guideline to take the steps into your Ennea patterns to dissolve what holds you stuck and to realize what your greater potential is. To 'step forward and beyond’ you must take the steps into the patterns of your type to be able to go beyond.

Steps to Liberate Your Type

This presentation aims at inspiring you in the practical application of the Enneagram when coaching individuals.

So, your client knows their Ennea type and now what? If you are a coach, facilitator, or psychotherapist using the Enneagram for personal growth with your clients and you are missing a structure in how to apply the Enneagram in your sessions, this presentation may be in your interest.

I will present a coaching structure developed to help your clients on their journey to grow through greater awareness around their type. Through 6 sessions the client is guided based on a frame for their specific type to go deeper into various levels of awareness about their type and by working the way through sore spots, challenges and resources described in the Enneagram theory, you will help your client gain profound understanding, insights, and awareness of the patterns and potential of their type.

The structure of the coaching program offers an easy to apply approach, and it asks for an active involvement from the client in preparing for each session. The client will work with both limitations and resources to help liberate fixation of the personality of their type.

This workshop offers a profound, practical approach, integrating ancient Enneagram wisdom with modern somatic psychology. It's an invitation to step forward and beyond traditional Enneagram boundaries, through a new doorway into a more fulfilling realm of understanding of yourself and your potential.

Participants attending this workshop will be presented to how I work, so they can be inspired to build up their own sessions using theoretical parts of the Enneagram to facilitate clients in stepping into type specific issues and resolutions.

Are you ready to explore your multifaceted nature and enrich your Enneagram practice?

Susanne: Enneagram Trainer, certified professional coach, and psychotherapist. Master in NLP, PREP-teacher, and Couple Check-up facilitator. 25 years of experience with personal development facilitation. Author of a Danish Enneagram book, co-editor of “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”, “Bringing out the Best in Yourself” a.o. in Danish. Former board member of the IEA Global Board (2010 -2014). IEA Accredited with Distinction.