Therese Ryan

Therese Ryan

Our body carries all the wisdom we need to step forward and beyond, if only we are willing to listen gently and patiently to its subtle messages.

Sensing beyond Patterns

Our body senses not only our routine patterns but also our unique potential and new life-enhancing steps. The practice of Focusing, as developed by philosopher and psychologist Dr Eugene Gendlin, draws on the intelligence of our three centres and is a powerful resource on our Enneagram journey. 

By learning to listen with gentle curiosity to our body knowing, we come to know ourselves differently, from the inside, and to access the wisdom of our true self. During this experiential workshop you will guided through the steps of the Focusing process and discover how to integrate this gentle practice into your daily life.

Therese is a Focusing-oriented coach, an Enneagram trainer in the Narrative tradition and an Iyengar yoga teacher. She provides professional Enneagram training as part of the Enneagram Training UK & Ireland team. Therese lives in Sligo in the northwest of Ireland.