Viviana Trucco

Viviana in 100 words

Viviana Trucco, Argentina, clinical and forensic psychologist has degrees in Philosophy & Psychology. IEA Accredited Teacher/Professional 2011/2017 Creative of the TEGMI 9D Model “The Geometry of My Enneagram Identifications” for personal and organizational applications. She leads: personal and group growth workshops; Certification Professional Training (Coaches, Counselor, Therapist, Educators, Managers). She has presented at IEA Conferences in USA, Europe and Latin America (2010/1017). Currently IEA Argentina president.

Deconstructing Egofixations beyond the own Type for the wisdom of the True self to manifest - Soul Searching

Perhaps working only on Type Egofixations we are limiting our seeking. What if we discover we have to explore other shadows than the fixation corresponding only to our Type? When we understand the multidimensional System the Enneagram is, we can trace richer paths of transformation to allow True Self to manifest. In this session we will explore 4 dimensions of personality and discover what potential Egofixations could have settled down in our personality according to our balanced or unbalanced energy flows (Naranjo´s Polarities), or according to how structural layers of personality have decanted (Naranjo’s Symmetries); according also to our orientation to object relations and according to the interference of the early emotional charge (Triads). We will explore these potential Egofixations and its Antidotes to facilitate transformation toward True Self. Participants will receive handouts to work within groups through interactive conversations. They will be able to find out which potential Egofixations they share with other Types. Participants who would like to explore more thoroughly the present resources or potential fixations of their personality will be encouraged to take previously an online assessment and receive the results to work with during the session by contacting Viviana Trucco to receive the password.